A Letter

to the Administration of the Society of Revniteli

of Met. Anthony (Khrapovistky) of Blessed Memory


Dear members of the the administration of the Society of Revniteli of Met. Anthony (Khrapovistky) of Blessed Memory: Tatiana Alekseyevna Rodzianko, Oleg Mikhaylovich Rodzianko, Evgeniy Lvovich Magerovskiy, Dimitri Borisovich Gontscharow, Nadezhda Nikolayevna Herbst, Anna Nikolayevna Oshman-Herbst, Irina Vladimirovna Dutikow, Tatiana Nikolayevna Rusiecki, and Petr Nikolayevich Koltypin-Wallovskiy!


Please accept my sincere gratitude for the efforts you undertook in preserving our Russian Orthodox Church Abroad, during these difficult times for it. If it was not for your voice and your actions to gather all those who desire to remain in the church of our great and beloved Hierarchs Metropolitans Anthony, Anastasiy, Philaret and Vitaliy then it is unlikely that we would have what we have today, a preserved, as much as it is possible, remaining group of people loyal to our ROCA. The most frightening and difficult times are already behind us. Now we are faced with the enormous task to strengthen the ROCA and continue the correct and traditional course of its growth. Without you, without the voices of our dear laypeople, the continuation of our common cause will be impossible. Therefore, I ask that you not cease your work, but on the contrary, broaden it for the sake of the future of our Russian Orthodox Church Abroad. It is possible, that your activity may take on a new direction (we all should consider that), but that such activity by laypeople is vitally needed, is without any doubt.


With sincere love,

Always your supplicant in Christ,


Chairman of the ROCA PSCA


+Bishop Agafangel


Odessa, August 18/5, 2007, the Forefeast of the Transfiguration of Our Lord