A Reply to the Chairman of the RTOC Synod Archbishop Tikhon

On his letter from August 13/26, 2007


Your Eminence!


I received your letter in which you reproach me for not contacting you personally or through the address of your Synod. I would like to inform you that I do not know your personal address, except for the mailing address of Remeslenniy Street in Omsk. Your email address, and the email address of the RTOC Synod, is set up in Ukraine, and therefore, as I understand it, it is not your personal address, but that of some intermediaries. I would like to speak directly to you. Similarly, I received your letter by email from an intermediary, and therefore, I do not feel, as do you, that I received some official letter from you (especially since the letter I received does not have the main features of official correspondence: an original signature and seal, a issuing number, or an indication to whom the letter is addressed). I am sorry that the contents of my letter, which appeared on the Internet, were not known to us [you] right away.


Having found no proposals in the letter to me from August 13/28, except for the proposal to conduct the dialogue without any personal distractions, I intended to contact you in Omsk, but then I saw your letter on the RTOC website. To that end, I do not completely understand what that means, that the dialogue must proceed without any personal distractions. Personally, I am open to dialogue in any shape or form, as long as it is not conducted through the involvement of your advisors, and that the matters discussed will be made known to the flock.


Since you are often in Odessa, I suggest meeting with you here, during your next visit, and without any assistants or prompters, so that we may clarify and agree on the future course of the parts of the Russian Church.

I hope that this time you will not be kept in the dark very long and you will be able to read the text of this letter soon. (This letter is also being posted on the Internet.)


With Sincere Good Wishes,

Chairman of the ROCA PSCA


+Bishop Agafangel


August 18/31

Martyrs Florus and Laurus