Epistle of His Grace Andronik


Bishop of Richmond Hill and New York


to the God Loving Flock


of The Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia


January 20/Feburuary 2, 2008

Saint Efimius the Great



Dear Fathers, Brothers and Sisters in Christ and brethren of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia!

I direct my word of love and pastoral guidance with the following message:

It has come to pass the prophetic words of the Holy Hierarch St John Maximovitch of Shanghai and San Francisco who said: Our Church will be small but it will be as pure as a crystal.

Not all of us were able to Endure until the end and many by way of our conscience and a desire for justice united with our most Esteemed and Loved Metropolitan Vitaliy of Blessed Memory and left the Synod of Metropolitan Laurus before the act that they had planned had been achieved.

The anguish of the splintering of the Church Abroad into different jurisdictions is continuing its distressing toll on all of us for the seventh consecutive year.

The Holy Church Abroad which has gone through its tribulation on May 17 purified itself and has revealed herself as that Church Abroad which was foretold by St. John Maximovitch.

Since that fateful day, almost a year later, the Blessed Remaining and Faithful part of ROCOR was able not only to preserve itself but has also done everything necessary to continue its existence, attained a canonical episcopate and under the guidance of the Supreme

Ecclesiastic Authority and its Chairman His Grace Bishop Agafangel is leading the Holy Church Abroad to its Victorious Feast -The Fifth All Diaspora Council.

Unfortunately for all of us, our dear and Great Abba Metropolitan Vitaliy did not live to see today and with him that truth which he so valiantly fought for and united many zealous Christians with has also disappeared.

Even before the repose of Metropolitan Vitaliy, the individuals in hierarchical omophors began to ravage his flock, but the lawlessness after his Blessed repose have surpassed all imagination and have lead not only to marginalization and isolation, but also has initiated the process of self destruction.

As a result of the mistakes on the part of the progenies of Metropolitan Vitaly, we are witnessing the splintering one after another, of the member bishops of the Mansonville Synod into newly emerging groups.

Attempting to keep the status quo and not lose the remaining and distressed clergy and laity these false bishops are trying to implant the idea in the minds of the people these hierarchs exclusive orthodoxy and are resorting to sinister tactics such as threatening their own flock with anathemas and the curse of eternal damnation at the Last Judgment.

Do not fear or pay heed to these empty threats!

With the authority given to me by the Most High God, I call all of you, faithful members of ROCOR in America and Canada to go under my Hierarchical Omophor and I release you and accept onto myself all responsibility for all possible penalties and anathemas put on you from your former ecclesiastical authorities.

May The Lord Bless You All


+ Andronik

Bishop of Richmond Hill and New York

Administrator of North American District

Vice Chairman of the Supreme Ecclesiastical Authority of ROCOR