Holy Ascension Orthodox Church

Russian Orthodox Church Abroad

500 W. Annandale Road, Falls Church, VA 22046 (703) 533 9445

Rev. Igor Hrebinka, Pastor




February 8, 2008



Dear Irina Sergeyevna,


We, the members of the Parish Council of the Holy Ascension Orthodox Church in Falls Church, Virginia, along with our pastor, Fr. Igor Hrebinka, wish to express our sincere gratitude to you for your recent letter to Bishop Gabriel. In a few words, you said most eloquently what many of us have felt since May 17, 2007. We greatly appreciate that you were able to express such a steadfast confession of Orthodoxy in a respectful and heartfelt manner. Such nobility of spirit is all too often lacking in todays discourse.


The pain of heart that resounded from your letter over the divisions that have occurred is something that we all share and is something that needs to be communicated to those who have created this unfortunate state of affairs. We want them to understand that we do not nurture enmity or rancor towards them, but bemoan the fact that the unification was achieved at the cost of our vital Orthodox principles.


Please be assured of our fervent support for Fr. Vsevolod Dutikow, you, and all the other members of the Holy Trinity Parish in Astoria, New York, during these difficult times.



Protopriest Igor Hrebinka

Parish Council