The Odessa diocese clergy gathered in Odessa for fasting and communion and conducted a diocesan meeting
The clergy gathered on March 25-26 in the St. Michael rectory for fasting and a diocesan meeting.
During the Liturgy of Presanctified Gifts on Wednesday, March 26, Bishop Agafangel of Taurida and Odessa awarded Fr. Vasily Demchenko the right to wear a jeweled cross.
Bishop Agafangel also granted the right to Fr. Aleksandr Martinenko to wear a kamilavka. Hieromonks Hilarion, Joseph, Nicholas and Fr. Andrey Trachuk were awarded the right to wear a nabedrennik.
At the diocesan meeting after the trapeza, it was decided to appoint Fr. Vasily Demchenko as the Dean of the Zhitomir district. Hegumen Georgiy (Kravchenko) was nominated to become the Vicar Bishop for the Odessa diocese. Hieromonk Methodius was made the Secretary of the diocese.

The participants of the meeting unanimously approved the following Resolution:

of the Diocesan Meeting
of the Odessa Diocese of the ROCA
March 13/26 2008

All present at the diocesan meeting of the Odessa Diocese of the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad, held on March 13/26, 2008, in the city of Odessa, express support of their archpastor, the Most Reverend Bishop Agafangel, in his effort to follow the "royal path" of the church fathers, which ROCA honored for all of its history.
This path traditionally lies between the extremes of radicalism on one side, and a divergence from a dogmatic structure, a basis in the canons, and the administrative order within our Church on the other side.
Let the ultimate guide for our words and deeds be the words of our Savior, which He spoke to His true followers: "That ye love one another... ." (John 13:34)
We hope that the "loyal remnants" of ROCA desire to be completely worthy of the inheritance received from their Hierarchs, Saints, Confessors and Righteous Ones.

+Bishop Agafangel

Archpriest Valeriy Alekseyev
Archpriest Vasiliy Ikizli
Archpriest Vladimir Fastovich
Archpriest John Grudnitskiy
Archpriest Nikolay Kovtach
Fr. Vasiliy Zaburyanniy
Hegumen Georgiy (Kravchenko)
Hieromonk Arseniy (Manko)
Hieromonk Hilarion (Dmitriev)
Hieromonk Joseph (Kaloyev)
Hieromonk Nikolay (Zavyalov)
Hieromonk Methodius (Gerb)
Fr. Leonid Plyats
Fr. Vasiliy Demchenko
Fr. Aleksandr Martinenko
Fr. Valentin Bondar
Fr. Andrey Trachuk
Fr. Vyacheslav Zaburyanniy
Fr. Vitaliy Morozov
Fr. Aleksandr Leleka
Fr. Oleg Slobodnyik
Deacon George Storozhetskiy
Hegumena Aleksandra (Chernyavskaya)