Nativity Epistle to all the ROCA faithful in the Washington, D.C. Diocese.


In these sacred days of the Glorious Feast of the Nativity of Christ, we always congratulate everyone and wish each other peace and joy.


The majestic angels prayer heralds Glory be to God in the highest, and peace on earth. This peace is not the peace as we know it in human terms, a calm which cannot exist on this sinful earth, as it is not the peace which God created in the Garden of Eden for those people who were sinless at that time.


The peace of which the angels sang is a spiritual peace, a peace with God, which can bless anyone and anywhere. It is that peace which the martyrs for Christ possessed and which gave them, and gives us, the strength for the soul to overcome the flesh in any circumstance and in any place.


It is this peace we wish to all of you in these festive days and in the year to come.


Christ is born, glorify Him!


Bishop Joseph

Nativity of Christ, 2008