Paschal Epistle

The Most Reverend Andronik

Archbishop of Ottawa and North America 

“Your resurrection, 0 Christ our Savior, is praised with songs by the Angels in heaven,

make us worthy to praise You also here on earth and to glorify You with a pure heart.”

Stichera of the Radiant Resurrection of Christ 

Congratulations to you all, honorable fathers, dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

with the radiant Resurrection of Christ! 

I greet you with the joyful Paschal greeting: 

Christ is risen! 

      There is nothing on earth that is higher or more holy than this radiant Paschal joy, as this joy is a foretaste of that heavenly bliss that awaits all true Christians in eternal life. 

      My dear brothers and sisters, let us treasure the gift received from God – our belonging to the true Church Abroad, which was saved two years ago from the destruction wrought by those who lost all sense of spiritual discernment, so that we are not kept from the joy that awaits us in eternity.  Let us treasure the brilliant spiritual light that shines upon us from Christ and the Paschal joy that knows no equal.  Let us greet one another from the depths of our hearts with sacred salutations.  Let us fervently pray to the Resurrected Lord, that He may ignite with this Paschal light a love of Him in our hearts. 

“Let us celebrate and take joy in this day, created by God!” 

Christ is Risen!


Archbishop of Ottawa and North America

New York.  Pascha, 2009.