of the Most Reverend Sofroniy,
Archbishop of St. Petersburg and Northern Russia

Christ is Risen!

Thy Resurrection, O Christ our Savior,

the angels in heaven sing,

enable us here on earth

to glorify Thee in purity of heart.

Together with the angels we celebrate the Resurrection of Christ. Christ has arisen from the dead, the eternal God. The Savior who loves all mankind, who willingly took on all sin to save our souls. He came down to earth, and desiring to perish as one of us, He assumed human form so that from now on for all eternity, there will only be the Son of God, our Lord Jesus Christ. The Resurrected Lord in His limitless, Godly being took on our human being, our human nature, and not only saved it, cleansed it of all sin, but also placed it at the right hand of God the Father. Only the limitless love, charity, and wisdom of God could make the difficult task of our salvation possible. If mankind’s soul strives to serve our Lord God faithfully, then as God Himself promised, it will be abide by Him in His eternal Kingdom.

We are now enjoying the most wonderful time of the liturgical year. Do not torment your soul with hunger. Try instead to attend church as often as possible during these bright days and partake of the spiritual feast.

I congratulate all the honorable pastors, monastics, and faithful members of our diocese with the holiest of holy feast days, the Resurrection of Christ.

Truly He is Risen!


Archbishop of St. Petersburg and Northern Russia

Pascha, 2009.

St. Petersburg