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And New York Diocese
of Russian Orthodox Church

1263 Stadium Avenue, Bronx,NY 10465  Phоne: (718) 828-0754

No. 068, January 1/14, 2010

General Ukase to all
Archpastors and parish rectors
under theauthority of the ROCA First Hierarch
and to all faithful members of our Church.

In response to thetragic natural disaster that has claimed so many lives in Haiti, acollection will be taken the very next Sunday in all our parishes in support ofour parishioners who have suffered there. Anyone unable to take up a collection next Sunday, should do so nextweek.

The funds collectedshould be sent to the ROCA Assistance Fund (headed by Dimitri Gontscharow,website – http://sinod.ruschurchabroad.org/assistance%20fund.htm ), which willsend them to the head of the Haitian Mission, Archpriest Gregory Williams, whowill provide the funds directly to the suffering people.

The President of theFund, Dimitri Gontscharow, should also send out an appeal on behalf of the Fundfor help for the suffering people, while Mission head Fr. Gregory should do thesame on behalf of the Mission.

May God bless all thosewho do not remain indifferent to the plight visited upon our brothers.

Synod ofBishops Chairman
The MostReverend
Metropolitanof New Yorkand Eastern-America

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