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A bank account for transfers to the ROCA Synod of Bishops is now available: 

Account name\Beneficiary     - ROCA Synod of Bishops;  
Account number - 4460 2217 9214

US wire transfers routing number   - 026009593;       
International wire transfers routing number BOAUS3N

Bank address - Bank of America, 80 Chestnut Ridge Road, Montvale, NJ 07645.
If you have any questions or need further information send an email to

 Appeal From the ROCA First Hierarch Metropolitan Agafangel to all faithful members of the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad.

 All parish rectors and anyone else who wishes to order the liturgical calendar and typicon can do so by sending an email to  Please bear in mind that in accordance with a decision of the Synod of Bishops only this typicon can be used in all church services.  The number of copies published will be determined by the amount of orders.

A jamboree of young scouts was held January 2-4, 2012, at the Holy Martyr Tsar Nicholas church in Zavyalov (Udmurtia, RF).  Each day began and ended with a prayer service.  The counselors taught classes in the Law of God along with the history of the Church and Russia.  Sports sessions were conducted and included wrestling, boxing and survival techniques.  Photos from the jamboree can be seen on the parish website.

   03\12\11 - An ukase from the Synod of Bishops to all Right Reverend Hierarchs of the ROCA.

  The St. Nicholas Convent Winter Retreat was held on December 23-27, 2011, with 23 youths attending.  The Retreat was led by Archbishop Andronik, along with Fr. Daniel Meschter, Fr. Nikita Grigoriev, Fr. Nicholas Chernyavsky, Fr. Anthony Gunin and the abbess of the convent, Mother Agapia (Stephanopoulos).   The program included discussions with the young people and their participation in molebens and memorial services.  Deacon Fr. Dimitriy Dobronravov arranged walks and other sports activities.  Everyone present participated in the Divine Liturgy.  In preparation for the liturgy, Reader Daniel Olson discussed the meaning of the prayers of the liturgy, while Fr. Daniel Meschter prepared several attendees to attend in the altar and Nikodim Buryakov prepared others to sing in the choir or read.  A more detailed description is available here.

  18\12\11 - Eight and a half months after being forced out of his church in Barnaul by representatives of the MP, the rector Fr. Georgiy Titov served a moleben after the Divine Liturgy and blessed a new cross in his new church dedicated to the Holy Ascension.  The cross was then installed on the church's cupola.

  04\12\11 - On the feast day of the Entry of the Most Holy Theotokos into the Temple a unique icon of St. Alexander Nevsky from the Church of Our Savior on Spilled Blood in St. Petersburg was present at the Holy Trinity Church in Astoria, NY, USA.


  04\12\11 - Metropolitan Agafangel served at the Holy Protection church in Malin (Archpriest Vasiliy Demchenko - rector) on the feast day of the Entry of the Most Holy Theotokos into the Temple.

  04\12\11 - Hieromonk Moses served the first Divine Liturgy in the Church of the Kazan Mother of God on the feast day of the Entry of the Most Holy Theotokos into the Temple.  The parish recently joined the ROCA and is located in the village of Makarov in the Odessa oblast.

  01\12\11 - The Right Reverend Georgiy, Bishop of Kishinev and Moldova, underwent surgery for the removal of the gall bladder at the regional hospital in Odessa.  Please pray for Bishop Georgiy's health.

  28\11\11 - For being unsettled and not obeying the church administration, Hieromonk Savva (Bogdan) is forbidden to serve.
  27\11\11 - The Right Reverend Bishop Gregory's epistle - "Before the start of Nativity Lent."
  An article by Metropolitan Agafangel "The Church and Society" has been included in issue 14 of the magazine "The Tribunal of Russian Thought."
  26\11\11 - A website for the ROCA Southern Russian Diocese is now available.
  25\11\11 - Protodeacon German Ivanov-Trinadzaty has released his article on the First Ecumenical Council.  The 90th anniversary of the Council is being celebrated at this time.
  25\11\11 - The Video section contains a sermon by Archbishop Andronik given on the feast day of St. Philaret.
  23\11\11 - A conditional response has been received from the General Prosecutor office of Ukraine regarding events in the city of Malin in the Zhitomir oblast from November 15, 2011.
  The Right Reverend Ioann, Archbishop of Buinsk and Volshsk, visited the ROCA Vologodsk Diocese from November 19-22, 2011.  Archbishop Ioann celebrated services to St. Philaret (Voznesensky) and Archangel Michael.  The Vologodsk faithful commemorated Archbishop Ioann's fifteen years as bishop with a modest gift, an icon of St. Panteleimon.
  21\11\11 - The patronal feast of the Archangel Michael Cathedral in Odessa was celebrated by Metropolitan Agafangel along with Bishop Georgiy, Protopriests Vasiliy and Vyacheslav Zaburyan, Hegumen Methodius, Fr. Vitaliy Morozov and Hieromonks Ignatiy and Macarius.  Almost 70 people attended the festive meal after the Divine Liturgy. 

 Patronal Feast Day of the parish of St. Philaret in Dnepropetrovsk

 18\11\11 - The prosecutor's office has asked Archbishop Sofroniy to present all documentation confirming the registration of the Holy Protection of the Theotokos parish (Leningrad oblast, Volkhovskiy region, village of Dudachkino; Rector - Fr. Aleksandr Sukhov), as well as the registrations of our other communities.  Photos from the Holy Protection of the Theotokos parish are available here.

 The Video section now has a film of Metropolitan Agafangel's sermon at the Holy Trinity Church in Astoria on October 30, 2011.

 09\11\11 - The court of the Chimishliyskiy region of the Republic of Moldova has ruled that the Holy Ressurrection Church recently built at our monastery in the village of Noviy Sagaydaki has to be torn down.

 A video excerpt of the television show "Silent No More" including a discussion between Protopriest Andrey Kuraev and Fr. Sergey Kondakov can be viewed here.


 A session of the Synod of Bishops was held in Odessa on November 9-10, attended by the regular members of the Synod: Metropolitan Agafangel, Archbishop Sofroniy, Bishop Afanasiy, and Synod Secretary Bishop Georgiy.  The following bishops were invited to attend: Bishops Kirill, Dionisiy, Nikon and Nikolay.  The Secretary of the Western European Diocese, Protodeacon German Ivanov-Trinadzty, was also present representing Bishop Iriney.

 Metropolitan Agafangel's sermon during Divine Liturgy at the St. Sergius of Radonezh Church in Valley Cottage, NY, USA, on October 23, 2011.


 A discussion of the Glorification of the New Martyrs and Confessors of Russia.

 03\11\11 - The faithful of the Holy Protection parish in Malin (Zhitomirskaya oblast, Ukraine - Protopriest Vasiliy Demchenko, Rector) continue to be persecuted.  For over 10 years, the Zhitomir oblast authorities have refused to recognize the change in the parish's by laws indicating it was no longer a part of the Moscow Patriarchia and was now under the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad, despite numerous court rulings in its favor.  There have been seven attempts during this period by the MP to seize our church.  Yet another, an eighth attempt, is being planned.  Metropolitan Agafangel has written a letter to the President of the Ukraine and the General Prosecutor.  We ask your prayers that the persecution of our Church in Ukraine cease.

 30\10\11 - An interview with Metropolitan Agafangel during his visit to the USA.

 25\10\11 - A meeting of the Eastern American and New York and Syracuse and Nikolskiy Dioceses was held.

 Metropolitan Agafangel visited the USA from October 21 to 30, 2011.
 A photo of Fr. Aleksandr Martinenko, the Dean of the Dneprovsk Deanery, in front of the church being built in Dneprodzerzhinsk (Ukraine) which will be dedicated to St. John of Shanghai.

 The Right Reverend Afanasiy, Bishop of Vologodsk and Velikoustyuzhsk, visited the Buinsk-Volzhsk Diocese of Bishop Ioann on October 18-20, 2011, accompanied by Fr. Aleksandr Lilin, to participate in services honoring Apostle Phillip.  The services were held in the newly-built Holy Dormition Church.

 20\10\11 - Our Protection of the Theotokos parish in the Russian Federation (Leningrad Region, Volkhovsky district, vil. Dudachkino, rector Fr. Alexander Sukhov) was attacked.  Officials numbering almost 20 people, headed by the Prosecutor of the Volkhov city, Isakovsky V.V., the police, government representatives (including a land surveyor), searched all the church premises for five long hours without any explanation of their actions and threatened to confiscate the community's land. Our parish is not registered with the local authorities, but is listed as a religious group. Father Alexander was also asked, without a written summons, to appear in the prosecutor's office tomorrow, October 21, 2011.  We ask that you pray for Fr. Alexander and his parishioners.
14\10\11 - On the feast day of the Protection of the Theotokos in the Church of St. Seraphim in Vologda, Bishop Afanasiy made Reader Sergey Tsapko a sub-deacon and then consecrated him a deacon.  The deacon father will serve in the Sovereign Mother of God icon parish in the Vologodsk diocese of the ROCA.


  A church honoring the Holy Royal Martyrs is being built in the Vologodsk region.  Details are available at the site -


 The rector, Hieromonk Andrey (Erastov), of the Holy Martyrs of Vilnius church in Australia completed a Golgotha cross used at the memorial stand.

 Metropolitan Agafangel was in the Belarus Republic on October 7 - 9, 2011, for an archpastoral visit.
 07\10\11 - Metropolitan Agafangel visited the Protection of the Theotokos parish in Malin, Ukraine, and served a moleben.
 06\10\11 - The Altay regional administration of the Russian Federation Justice Ministry has denied the registration application of our Holy Ascension parish in Barnaul. (Fr. Georgiy Titov is the rector.)

 27\09\11 - Sergey Ilyich Tsapko was tonsured a reader in the St. Seraphim of Sarov Church in Vologodsk by Bishop Afanasiy on the feast day of the Exaltation of the Precious and Life-giving Cross.

  21\09\11 - Metropolitan Agafangel served Divine Liturgy on the occasion of the feast day of the Nativity of the Theotokos at the St. John of Shanghai convent in the village of Egorovka.  (Hegumena Aleksandra is the abbess at the convent.)  Also serving with Metropolitan Agafangel were Hegumen Methodius, Fr. Simeon Kaloev, Fr. Georgiy Olynik and Fr. Georgiy Storozhetskiy.

 09/08/11, at 9:00 am, a group of people consisting of representatives of local authorities and about 12 priests of the Moscow Patriarchia have penetrated into the territory of the Resurrection monastic community in the village of New Sagaydak, Moldova. Officials declared that there are certain problems with the property (privately owned), and representatives of the MP had threatened monks with physical violence and said that if the Abbot joined the Moscow Patriarchia, there would be no problems. This blackmail on the part of civil authorities was attended by (participated with) the mayor, a construction inspector and the a police inspector. Pictures of the community's life can be found at: 102755829924283823857/INYnVC? feat=flashalbum
 28.08.11 - Melbourne, Australia.  The Church of the Martyrs of Vilnius.  The rector Hieromonk Andrei Erastov and Protodeacon Basil Yakimov and altar attendants and parishioners on the feast day of the Dormition of the Mother of God.  The church was filled to overflowing with many new visitors. the choir sang beautifully and there was a large number of communicants.  Fr. Andrei has also organized an icon painting school at the parish.
 27.08.11 � Bishop Gregory of Sao Paulo and Brazil consecrated a chapel honoring the Theotokos of the Passion icon which was built at the residence of monk Clement in Sao Paulo, Brazil.  The night before Bishop Gregory along with Fr. Constantine Bussyguin served the vigil service.  On Saturday morning, Bishop Gregory consecrated the chapel and then began Divine Liturgy.  Around 70 people were present for the joyous event.  Also serving were Deacons Fr. Yevgeniy Braga and Fr. Ioann Yakimov.  Later, after the trapeza, at 3 PM, vigil was served and they were joined by Fr. Vladimir Petrenko.  More photographs are available here.

 29\08\11 - A photo essay "From Pascha to Dormition" depicting life at the Resurrection Monastery in Moldova is now available, which shows the construction of the church, a feast day service with 500 in attendance and a visit to the monastery by their ruling bishop, the Right Reverend Bishop Georgiy.



 27\08\11 - Protopriest Sergey Kondakov's blog relates the continuing attacks on the priests in Udmurtia from local authorities and the Moscow Patriarchia.



 The second annual conference "ROCA's paths in today's world" was held at the chancery of the Archangel Michael cathedral in Odessa on August 23 - 26.  Presentations were made by Metropolitan Agafangel, Bishop Georgiy, Hegumena Aleksandra and D. Vasilevskiy.


 A youth summer camp was held at the St. Nicholas Convent from July 31 to August 13.  The first week was devoted to those from 13 to 20 years old, with 22 children in attendance.  Among other activities, they also studied choral singing and serving at the kliros.  The second week was for those from 6 to 12 years old and 25 children took part in a range of activities.  Services were held every day and all the children took confession and communion.  The camp was organized by the convent abbess, Mother Agapia.  More details and photos are available on the monastery website:http://www.stnicholasconvent. org/

  A scout camp of about 150 children was held at the end of July and the beginning of August near the city of Izhevsk in the Udmurtia region.  Fr. Sergey Kondakov, Fr. Mikhail Karpeev and Fr. Aleksandr Malykh took part in the camp.  An account of the camp can be found on Fr. Sergey's website. 

  07\08\11 - A meeting of the Ishim-Siberian diocese was held in Ishim at which matters important to the diocese were discussed.  Two MP hieromonks joined the diocese.

 An Orthodox youth summer camp "Northern Bastion" was held from July 26 to August 4 with the blessing of the Right Reverend Afanasiy, Bishop of Vologodsk and Velikoustyuzhsk, in the village of Ferapontov in the Vologodsk region.  Details are available on the Vologodsk diocese website.


 The summer session of the Sts. Cyril & Methodius seminary was held in Odessa on July 18 - 28 at the chancery of the Archangel Michael Cathedral.


  25\07\11 - A Clarification from the First Hierarch of the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad regarding the acceptance of the parishes of the "Moscow Patriarchia" under the authority of the ROCA Synod of Bishops.

18\07\11 - Metropolitan Agafangel led services for the patronal feast of the Holy Great Martyr St. Elizabeth parish in Odessa.

The annual choral conference took place on July 11 - 17, 2011, in Odessa at the Monastery of St. John of Shanghai.


15\07\11 - The Cossack cadet academy held its first summer camp in the Kostrom region.  The spiritual father of the academy is a ROCA priest.


13\07\11 - On the law and equal rights.


The Odessa City Council has refused our Holy Great Martyr St. Elizabeth parish the right to pay lower rates for its church and declared, "We consider it inappropriate that this organization retain the right to pay lower rates for the rental of the premises."  The parish had been paying lower rates since it acquired the premises in 2007.


On the other hand, the city built the Transfiguration cathedral church in the center of the city and gave it as a gift to the MP along with an award of one million hryvnya for improvements.


That is what they call "equality" of religious organizations before the law in Ukraine nowadays.


 11\07\11 - The Ascension parish in Barnaul has contacted the office of the Prosecutor General of the Altay region to demand that "all measures are taken by the Prosecutor General to stop the unlawful persecution of our parish and rector ."  At the instigation of the MP, local authorities are applying various administrative means to harass and torment the rector of the parish, Fr. Georgiy Titov, (summoning him to the Prosecutor General's office, illegally firing his son from his job, and other actions), as well as using all means, including even theft and arson, to confiscate property paid for by the parish. (See

 27\06\11 - Threats to Fr. Sergey Kondakov from the MP continue and described on his blog (in Russian only) - ugrozy.


 26\06\11 - Our Dormition parish in Samara on the day of All-Russian Saints.


 26\06\11 - The latest issue of the magazine "The Russian Zoar" is now available for $2.00 + shipping and can be ordered by email at


 24\06\11 - Fr. Sergey Kondakov and his family have received death threats, as described on his blog (in Russian only) - eyu-Sergiyu-Kondakov


 13\06\11 - Photographs from the feast day of the Holy Trinity in the Holy Protection of the Mother of God parish in Kongaz (Moldova).


 12\06\11 - Photographs from Abp. Sofroniy's visit on June 10-12 to the MP parishes under the ROCA omofor in Udmurtia.


 12\06\11 - Photographs from the feast day of the Holy Trinity in the Holy Metropolitan St. Philaret parish in Yekaterinoslavsk (Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine).


 09\06\11 - A video appeal from Fr. Sergey Kondakov, Fr. Mikhail Karpev and Fr. Aleksandr Malykh on the smear campaign initiated by the MP against them.



 03\06\11 - Photos from the patronal feast of our parish in Barnaul.



 03\06\11 - A partial video of a parish meeting of Fr. Sergey Kondakov, Fr. Mikhail Karpeev and Fr. Aleksandr Malykh and members of the Holy Royal Martyr St. Nicholas parish in Zavyalov (Udmurtia oblast, RF) on May 31, 2011, in which they relate the outcome of the Synod of Bishops meeting Voronezh.



 02\06\11 - Photos from the visit of Bishop Georgiy and Hegumena Aleksandra to Bulgaria at the invitation of Bishop Photii.  They participated in the consecration of the new cathedral in honor of the Dormition of the Holy Theotokos.


 30\05\11 - Photos of the patronal feast at the St. Nicholas Convent and the ordination of Deacon Fr. Anthony Gunin into the priesthood by Archbishop Andronik.


 29\05\11 - Metropolitan Agafangel chaired a meeting of the diocesan council of the Moscow diocese on Saturday, May 28, 2011.  In the evening of that day, the ROCA First Hierarch served Vigil at the Church of Holy Martyr St. Joseph of Petrograd.  Metropolitan Agafangel served Divine Liturgy the next day at the Church of the New Holy Martyrs and Confessors of Russian in Salarevo.  He was attended by Fr. Yevgeniy Koryagin, Fr. Valeriy Leonichev and Archpriest Ioann Grudnitskiy.  Ameeting of the parish council was held after the service.


 29\05\11 - Photos from the consecration of the Right Reverend Nikolay, Bishop of Potinsk, which took place at the Church of All Saints of Russia in Voronezh.  Bishop Nikolay is a Vicar Bishop of Metropolitan Agafangel and will oversee parishes in the country of Georgia.  The consecration was attended by Archbishop Sofroniy and Bishops Kirill, Dionisiy and Nikon.


 27-28\05\11 - A extraordinary meeting of the Synod of Bishops took place in Voronezh.


 28\05\11 - The priests from Udmurtia, Archpriests Sergey Kondakov and Mikhail Karpeev and Fr. Aleksandr Malikh along with their parishes have joined the ROCA.

 22\05\11 A joyous event has occurred in our Russian Orthodox Church Abroad.  Exactly 4 years after the signing of the Act of the union of a part of the ROCA with the Moscow Patriarchate (MP), the ROCOR(MP) Church of the Holy Resurrection in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, has rejoined our Church.



 21\05\11 - Sometime in the night of 20-21 MAY 11, someone broke in to the Holy Ascension Church in Barnaul and stole two sets of vestments and some church items.  The thieves did not take some money and other items that were out in the open.  There is evidence that there was an attempt to start a fire in the church. (See "ROCA News" site)


 09/05/11 - Hieromonk Hilarion consecrated a memorial cross in the village of Feodosiy, which was erected by local Cossacks.  Photos are available here.



 Photos from a trip to Georgia by Archbishop Sofroniy and Bishop Afanasiy.


 01/05/11 - Subdeacon Andrew Frick was ordained a deacon at the Holy Ascension Church in Fairfax, VA, USA, during Divine Liturgy officiated by Archbishop Andronik and Bishop Joseph.  Also attending were Fr. Daniel Meschter, Fr. John Hinton and Protodeacon Job Chemerov.


 A blog by the priests in Udmurtia:


  Palm Sunday at the Protection of the Theotokos Church in Malin, Ukraine.


 Paschal Appeal of the ROCA Assistance Fund.


 Paschal greetings from the Dormition parish in Samara.


 Paschal Epistle of the Most Reverend Agafangel, Metropolitan of New York and Eastern America and First Hierarch of the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad.


 Web-site of the Holy Resurrection Parish in Barnaul (rector: George Titov):  


 15\04\11 - The Right Reverend Andronik, Archbishop of Syracuse and Nikolskiy, sent a letter of support to the Udmurtia clergy that have stopped commemorating the ROC(MP) Patriarch.


 15\04\11 - The Video section contains a short film made in 2008 by Hieromonk Ignatiy of the repose of Sister Ioanna.  In the film, the service is being led by Protopresbyter Valeriy Alekseyev, who passed away nine days ago.


 10\04\11 - The Right Reverend Nikon, Bishop of Verkhotursk, served Divine Liturgy at the Church of the Apostles Peter and Paul in a village in Kazakhstan.  (The rector is Fr. Gennadiy Subbotin.)  Photos can be seen at http://chernec71.livejournal. com/26994.html.


 09\04\11 - The funeral service for Protopresbyter Valeriy Alekseyev was held at the Archangel Michael Cathedral in Odessa, led by the Most Reverend Metropolitan Agafangel and the Right Reverend Georgiy along with nine priests.  The newly-reposed Protopresbyter Valeriy was laid to rest in Odessa.

 07\04\11 - 

Protopresbyter Valeriy Alekseyev died on April 7, 2011, at 1800 on the feast day of the Annunciation.

Eternal Memory!

 03\04\11 - The Holy Ascension Church in Barnaul was seized at 1500 by representatives of the MP along with several officers from the militia and a security company, accompanied by a locksmith.


The original interview was published here


 31\03\11 - Metropolitan Agafangel's sermon at the Holy Trinity Church in Astoria, NY, USA, during the Triumph of Orthodoxy service is available in the Video section.


 30\03\11 - Clergy from the Udmurtia diocese of the Moscow Patriarchate have stopped commemorating Patriarch Kirill and sent him a letter.


 29\03\11 - The Clergy Lenten Retreat of the ROCA Odessa diocese took place at St. Michael's Cathedral in Odessa.


 25-26\03\11 - The Right Reverend Afanasiy, Bishop of Vologodsk and Velikoustyuzhsk, visited the Church of the Our Lady of Kazan and Our Lady of Feodorovsk Mother of God icons near Kostroma, which is tended to by Fr. Valeriy Leonichev (he is the rector of our parish in Moscow).  On March 25, they served Vigil and Divine Liturgy the next day, where the entire parish took communion including Cossack elder A.M. Starshikh, his family, and others.  After the service, they discussed plans to have a Cossack summer camp for young boys.  They will turn to the ROCA Assistance Fund for support.


 23\03\11 - The Video section has an interview in Russian of Metropolitan Agafangel discussing the recent meeting of the Synod of Bishops.



 23\03\11 - Metropolitan Agafangel's visit to the USA.


  A session of the ROCA Bishops' Council took place on March 16-17, 2011, at the Tolstoy Foundation in Valley Cottage, NY, USA.



 25\02\11 - Issue No. 3 for 2010 of "The Russian Sigor" has been released.  The cost is $2 per issue without shipping and can be ordered by emailing


 24\02\11 - The new Bolgrad diocese website can be accessed at


 23\02\11 - The Documents section now includes the Determination of the ROCA Bishops' Council and Synod of Bishops from 1923.


 21\02\11 - With the blessing of the Right Reverend Georgiy, Bishop of Bolgrad and Belgorod-Dnestrovsk, a monastery dedicated to the Resurrection of Christ has been established in the village of Sagaydak, in the Chimishliyskiy region of Moldova, 30 kms from Kishinev.  The monastery is located on a purchased piece of land and has a house in good condition.  Hegumen Anfim (Tudos), monk Damian (Vosiyan) and monk Venyamin (Gayts) are busy setting up a chapel in the house in honor of Great Martyr Georgiy and hope to have their first Divine Liturgy soon.  The brothers are also setting up their monastic cells and are eager to start construction of a church on the monastery grounds.  The local villagers were well-disposed to having a monastery in their area and have welcomed them.  Before joining ROCA, Hegumen Anfim established several monasteries and was the head of a large monastery in Moldova.


 20\02\11 - During the week of the Prodigal Son, Archpriest Vyacheslav Donay was received from the MP to the ranks of the clergy of the Bolgrad diocese.  Fr. Vyacheslav will serve the All Saints parish near Kishinev.


 Fr. Valeriy Leonichev served Evening Vigil and Divine Liturgy at the house church dedicated to the Dormition of the Most Holy Theotokos near Samara.  Fr. Valeriy also officiated at a wedding while at the church.


 13\02\11 - During the Divine Liturgy at the Archangel Michael Cathedral in Odessa, Met. Agafangel consecrated reader Sergey Titov a sub-deacon and later ordained him a deacon.  Fr. Sergey will serve at the St. John of Shanghai parish in Dneprodzerzhinsk, Ukraine.  (Fr. Aleksandr Martynenko is the rector.)


 The Winter Session of the Sts. Cyril and Methodius seminary was held from January 31 to February 10.


 09.02.11. The lawful Patriarch of Jerusalem, Ireneus, confirmed the unity of the Local Jerusalem Church with the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad under the omophorion of Metropolitan Agafangel, and he gave a blessing for his name to be commemorated at the Great Entrance. Patriarch Ireneus' title: His divine beatitude, Patriarch of the Holy City of Jerusalem and All Palestine, Syria, Arabia, all of Transjordan, Cana of Galilee and holy Sion.


 Greetings to all on the occasion of the feast day of the Holy Martyrs and Confessors of Russia!


 03\02\11 - The Library section now includes a service to Blessed Xenia of St. Petersburg.


 30\01\11 - Metropolitan Agafangel ordained Deacon Fr. Aleksey Rozhkov a priest during the Divine Liturgy at the St. Michaels Cathedral in Odessa.  Fr. Aleksey will be the rector of the St. Philaret Church in Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine.


 A religious discussion of the sanctity of marriage by Hieromonk Nikolay (Zavyalov).


See the rest here.


 The parish of Sts. Cyril & Methodius in St. Petersburg now has a website -


 25\01\11 - The Minutes of the Bishops Council of 1959 are now available in the Documents section.


 24\01\11 - The Library section now includes the service to the Holy New Martyrs and Confessors of Russia.


 24\01\11 - The Video section has a sermon by Fr. Georgiy Titov, given at the Nativity service in the Holy Ascension Church in Barnaul (RF).


 24\01\11 - The Video section has footage of Nativity services and celebrations in Barnaul, Vologda and New York, as well as a film of a youth celebration in Vologda.


 21\01\11 - The Barnaul court ruled against Fr. Georgiy Titov and his parish and ordered him to allow representatives of the MP to enter the church.  Details are available on the website "ROCA News".


 19\01\11 - Nativity celebrations at the Church of Holy New Martyr St. Joseph of Petrograd in Moscow under the pastorship of Fr. Valeriy Lenichev.


 19\01\11 - The Video section includes a video by Hieromonk Ignatius on Nativity celebrations at the Theophany Monastery in Naverezhye.


 16\01\11 - A longstanding parishioner of the Blessed St. Xenia Church in Ottawa, Canada, Alexandra Luikianovna Reshetnikova, reposed in her sleep early Sunday morning, 16 January.  Eternal memory!


 16\01\11 - The Church of St. Philaret in Dnepropetrovsk served its first Divine Liturgy.  The dean of our Dnepropetrovsk deanery, Fr. Aleksandr Martinenko, served along with Deacon Fr. Aleksey Rozhkov.  Glory to God!


 14\01\11 - The Document section now contains a summary of the proceedings of the Council in 1983.


 09\01\11 - Fr. Valeriy Leonichev of the Moscow diocese served Vigil and Divine Liturgy in a home church dedicated to the Kazan Mother of God icon near the village of Chukhloma of the Kostrom region.  The owner of the house, A.M. Starshikh, and his family joined ROCA a month before.  A Cossack elder, Aleksandr Mikhaylovich established a shelter for young boys and also has run a summer camp for young Cossacks for many years.  Guests from Moscow, Nerekhty, Makariev were also present at the services along with participants of the Cossack winter camp.  A male Cossack choir sang during the services.  There were over 20 communicants.  The children received gifts of icons and sweets from the parish in Moscow.

 09\01\11 - Photos and video of the Nativity Pageant at the Holy Trinity Church in Astoria, NY, USA.

 09\01\11 - Bishop Joseph ordained Deacon John Hinton a priest at the Holy Acension Church in Fairfax, VA, USA.  The photo shows Bishop Joseph, the newly-ordained Fr. John to his left and other participants of the Divine Liturgy.


 A Nativity greeting from the Martyrs of Vilnius Church in Melbourne, Australia.  The photo shows Fr. Andrew (Erastov), Protodeacon Basil Yakimov with the altar attendants.


 Nativity Epistle of the Most Reverend Metropolitan AGAFANGEL, Metropolitan of East America and New York, First Heirarch of the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad

 Nativity Epistle of the Right Reverend ANDRONIK Archbishop of Syracuse and St. Nicholas, Ottawa and Canada.

Рождественское послание Преосвященнейшего АФАНАСИЯ, Епископа Вологодского и Великоустюжского.

 Nativity Epistle of GEORGIY Bishop of Bolgrad and Belgorod-Dnestrovs.

 Nativity Epistle the Right Reverend GREGORY Bishop of Sao Paulo and South Americaпослание.

Рождественское послание Преосвященнейшего ИРИНЕЯ, Епископа Лионского и Западно-Европейского.

Nativity Appeal of the Assistance Fund of the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad

 06\01\11 - The Church of Holy Great Martyr Elizabeth in Odessa was able to erect an iconostasis before the Nativity services.

05\01\11 - Bishop Georgiy consecrated Monk Damian to the wearing of the mantiya in the St. Ignatius Brianchaninov Church in Chadyr-Lunga, Moldova.

 04\01\11 - The Church of St. Seraphim in the city of Vologda (RF), which is under construction, erected a cupola with a cross.  More information can be found on the Vologda diocese website.

 04\01\11 - An article by Protodeacon German about the Serbian Bishop Artemije.



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