Фонд Помощи Русской Православной Церкви Заграницей

The Assistance Fund of the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad


ROCA Assistance Fund, PO Box 7119, Falls Church, VA 22040       Email: rocafund@gmail.com



September, 2007


Board of Directors


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Bank of America

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Our Lord Jesus Christ said that narrow is the way, that leadeth unto life(Matthew 7:14). Despite the many challenges ahead, our Holy Church will strive to remain on the narrow path and worthy of God’s blessings, but it needs the help and support of every church member.  To help with this effort, the Assistance Fund of the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad was established in September, 2007, with the blessing of the Most Reverend Agafangel, PSEA Chairman and Bishop of Taurida and Odessa.


The Assistance Fund is a non-profit, philanthropic organization registered and incorporated in the State of New York (USA) with 501 c(3) tax-exempt status, which allows donors to include their donations on their tax returns. The Directors of the Fund are all life-long members of the ROCA who are deeply devoted to the Church and committed to full accountability in the work of the Fund. A general audit will be conducted and a financial report will be made available to the public on the Internet on a yearly basis. Receipts for all donations will be provided, and a yearly statement can be provided to donors upon request.


The Assistance Fund serves as a church organization that coordinates its work with Metropolitan Agafangel and the ROCA Synod of Bishops, but makes its own, independent decisions.  If the Church hierarchy needs funds for specific causes or events, the request will be evaluated by the Fund Directors, who will decide whether to initiate a fund drive and\or provide assistance.  For example, the Fund was instrumental in collecting funds for the organization of the Vth All-Diaspora Council in November, 2008.  All other general donations received by the Fund will be allocated according to the donor’s instructions or the Fund Directors’ discretion.   The Fund’s monies will not be used for the Church’s everyday operating expenses. 


The following are some examples of the Fund’s charitable activities:

-         assist in organizing youth and choral conferences

-         assist in the organization of pilgrimages

-         assist parish schools by establishing student scholarships

-         assist parishes in emergency repairs

-         assist monasteries, convents, and orphanages

-         assist priests, their families, or parishioners experiencing medical emergencies


All donations by mail can be sent to this address:

ROCA Assistance Fund

PO Box 7119, Falls Church, VA,  22040


For US or International bank wire transfers,

please use the information provided to the left.

We ask for your prayers and support!


The ROCA Assistance Fund

Board of Directors