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 Appeal From the ROCA First Hierarch Metropolitan Agafangel to all faithful members of the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad.

 All parish rectors and anyone else who wishes to order the liturgical calendar and typicon can do so by sending an email to  Please bear in mind that in accordance with a decision of the Synod of Bishops only this typicon can be used in all church services.  The number of copies published will be determined by the amount of orders.

21\01\13 - A fire was set in the convent attached to the Protection parish in the village of Dudachkino in the Leningrad oblast (rector - Fr. Aleksandr Sukhov).  Two monastic cells were damaged.  The parishioners became suspicious when investigating officers arrived with the fire squad with reports on the incident already prepared and demanding that they be signed.  The sisters believe it was arson, as there were no flammable sources or materials stored in that area.  They and the parishioners believe this is deliberate harassment from local authorities in retaliation for the parish leaving the Moscow Patriarchia. (Additional photos)
07\01\13 - The Nativity of Christ.  Divine Liturgy and a holiday concert at the Ascension parish in Barnaul (RF).

07/01/13 - A video of the Nativity service at the Holy Tsar-Martyr Nicholas II Church in Udmurtia, RF.
The parish was forced out of their church about two years ago, when they called upon Patriarch Kirill to reject ecumenism and sergainism.  When their appeal went unanswered, the three priests of the parish joined the ROCA, which has resulted in further and more intensive persecution and harassment. Shortly before Nativity this year, they were forced out of the building they had been using for services.  They found an unused warehouse, where in the cold and dirt they gathered to conduct the church services of the Nativity of Christ.  Local authorities continued their intense persecution using a fire marshal to prohibit the services.  All attempts are being made by the local authorities to eradicate the faithful group, which endures with the help of God, His Blessed Mother and all the saints.  They call upon all of us to pray for them.
07/01/13 - At the end of the Nativity of Christ services at the Archangel Michael Cathedral in Odessa, all those present at the service received a copy of the illustrated book, The Law of God, and the children also received sweets.  There was a large number of children receiving communion on the day of the feast.  After the liturgy, the children were invited to gather in the adjacent hall and sing carols and recite poems.  Refreshments and treats were provided to all the participants.

The 2012 Nativity Epistle of the Most Reverend Agafangel, Metropolitan of Eastern America and New York and the First Hierarch of the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad.
In Australia, Deacon Fr. Neboisha Mircovic received a release from the Greek Synod of Resistance to join the ROCA.
He is pictured here with Hegumen John (Smelic).

  30\12\12 - Bishop Kirill visited the Archangel Michael Church in Voronezh and served Divine Liturgy along with Fr. Aleksey Merzlikin and Deacon Fr. Oleg Lyubovin.

30\12\12 - Archbishop Georgiy, the ruling bishop of the Bolgrad diocese, consecrated a church in honor of St. Ksenia of St. Petersburg in Bolgrad and served the first Divine Liturgy in the new house of worship.  He served with Hieromonk Aleksey (Kaloev) and Hieromonk Dula (Patosk).  Hegumena Aleksandra and several nuns from the St. John of Shanghai Convent also attended the consecration.  There were many guests from other parishes and communities in the diocese.

(more photos)

30\12\12 - Local authorities at the instruction of the Deputy Governor of the Kostroma Oblast and at the behest of Moscow notified A.M. Starshikh that the proposed youth camp be cancelled as it was not "authorized."  They indicated that if they had not joined a sect (ie. ROCA) they would have been able to proceed.  They warned that any future attempts will also be barred and not "to try anything sneaky."  The youth camp has been cancelled and the children have all been notified.

  23\12\12 - On December 16, 2012, during the Divine Liturgy at the All Saints of Russia church in Voronezh, the Right Reverend Kirill, Bishop of Voronezh and Southern Russia, ordained Oleg Lyubovin a deacon for this parish.  On December 23, Bishop Kirill ordained Deacon Fr. Pavel Volkov a priest and assigned him as the second priest for the parish.

23\12\12 - Archpriest Roman Radwan, the rector of the St. George the Victorious church in Nazareth in the Holy Land, visited Met. Agafangel in Odessa and served Divine Liturgy with the ROCA First Hierarch.

Hieromonk Damascene (Shansherov) left the RTOC to join our jurisdiction.  He serves the Orthodox community in Strasbourg, France.

December 14, 2012, at the invitation of the St. Nicholas parish of the ROCA Western European Diocese, ROCA First Hierarch Metropolitan Agafangel arrived in Lyons, France, in the evening.  His Eminence was met at the airport by the parish rector Archpriest Christo Petkov and Protodeacon German Ivanov-Trinadzaty (Diocesan Secretary).  Arriving later at the St. Nicholas Church, Met. Agafangel venerated the sacred items in the church.  In the evening of December 15, Met. Agafangel served the vigil service and Divine Liturgy the next day on Sunday. (See more pictures here)

The 2013 Calendar\Typicon is now available.  The 2013 Typicon now includes notes on liturgical practices.  An accompanying  supplement includes names of ROCA bishops, clerics and some laypeople who have reposed in the Lord.  The cost is $5 plus shipping and can be ordered by writing to

Announcement:  ROCA First Hierarch Metropolitan Agafangel will serve Divine Liturgy in Lyon, France, on Sunday, December 16, 2012, as well as on Wednesday, December 19 on the patronal feast day of the St. Nicholas Church.

28\11\12 - At his request, Odessa Deacon Georgiy Sosyurko is suspended from serving due to health reasons.

A youth conference was held in Sao Paulo, Brazil, on November 15-22, 2012.  The Right Reverend Sofroniy, Archbishop of Northern Russia arrived to participate along with the Right Reverend Georgiy, Bishop of South America.  Photographs are available at

  21\11\12 - The patronal feast of the Archangel Cathedral in Odessa was celebrated by the ROCA First Hierarch Metropolitan Agafangel along with Archpriest Vasiliy Zaburyanov, Hegumen Methodius, Fr. Vitaliy Morozov, Fr. Georgiy Storozhitskiy, Hieromonk Macarius and Deacon Fr. Mikhail Torbe.


Mother Aleksandra and the sisters from the St. John of Shanghai Convent also arrived to join in the prayers.

12\11\12 - A new ROCA website and now on Facebook as well:

12\12\12 - The Most Reverend Metropolitan Agafangel visited Belarus on November 9-12.  Along the way on November 9, Metropolitan Agafangel along with Hegumen Methodius stopped at the Protection parish in Malin, where they served a moleben to be "Free of those who assail us."

Metropolitan Agafangel with the parish rector Fr. Vasiliy Demchenko.

06\11\12 - On the feast day of the Holy Theotokos icon "Joy of All Who Sorrow" at the Annunciation skete in Melbourne, Australia, (the Abbot is Hegumen John (Smelic)), the Right Reverend Ambrose, Bishop of Methone (Greek Old Calendar Church) served along with Hegumen John, Fr. Stilianosos and Deacon Fr. Nebo, with about 35 faithful attending.


02\11\12 - A new parish in honor of Prophet Elijah has been established in the village of Yakshur in the Udmurtia Republic.  The warden is Victor Arkadyevich Stolbov and the parish will cared for by Archpriest Mikhail Karpeev. Web Site of the parish is located at

01\11\12 - New developments in the Malin case: a request has been made to the Attorney General of Ukraine to file a charge against the rector of the Protection of the Holy Theotokos Church of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchia, Sergey Trofimovich Lukyanenko, who used forged documents to register his MP parish in the primary registry of Ukraine.

29\10\12 - The Right Reverend Kirill, Bishop of Voronezh and Southern Russia, visited again the parish named in honor of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker in Maykop, Russia, and served Divine Liturgy in the house church.  Bishop Kirill ordained Aleksey Chichkov sub-deacon during the service.

29\10\12 - The Right Reverend Gregory, Bishop of Sao Paulo and South America visited the St. John of Shanghai Convent in Egorovka, Ukraine, accompanied by Archpriest Vsevolod Dutikow and Fr. Vladimir Petrenko.  Photos can be viewed here:

27\10\12 - The Right Reverend Joseph, Bishop of Washington, D.C., consecrated Deacon Fr. Andrew Frick a priest during Divine Liturgy at the Holy Ascension Orthodox Church in Fairfax, VA.  A festive trapeza was held after the service with all present congratulating the newly-ordained priest.

25\10\12 - The gates leading to the Protection of the Most Holy Theotokos church in the city of Malin, Ukraine, which is located in the town center, were removed during the night by unknown individuals.


25\10\12 - A parish in Nazareth in the Holy Land led by Fr. Roman (Radvan) has joined our Church.  The liturgy on this day was officiated by the Right Reverend Andronik, Archbishop of Syracuse and Nikolskiy, along with Fr. Roman and Fr. Gregory Kotlaroff.  Despite it being a weekday, around 70 people were present.
Photos are available at


24\10\12 - Members of the ROCA Synod of Bishops and guests.

Left to right: Fr. Georgiy Storozhitskiy, Fr. Vladimir Petrenko, Archpriest Wsewolod Dutikow, Bishop Gregory, Metropolitan Agafangel, Archbishop Sofroniy, Archbishop Georgiy, and Hegumen Methodius.

24\10\12 - A session of the ROCA Synod of Bishops was held in the Synod Office in Odessa.
Minutes of a Session of the Synod of Bishops of the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad (in English).

The Right Reverend Kirill, Bishop of Voronezh and Southern Russia, took part in feast day Protection of the Most Holy Theotokos services in Greece, and also the patronal feast day services of the Sts. Cyprian and Justinian monastery (belonging to the Synod of Metropolitan Cyprian).

20\10\12 - The Resurrection church in Barnaul continues to be rebuilt after several arson attempts.

The telephone number for the ROCA Synod of Bishops in the United States is (917) 460 - 1702.

An interview with Metropolitan Agafangel.

07\10\12 - A diocesan conference of the St. Petersburg and Northern Russia Diocese, chaired by Archbishop Sofroniy, was held after the Divine Liturgy at the Holy New Martyr Grand Duchess St. Elizabeth church in St. Petersburg.  After the clergy of the diocese presented reports on matters in their churches, a discussion was held on the question of sergianism and the possible issuance of an anathema by ROCA against it.  It was decided unanimously that an anathema is not necessary and that the determination on the subject issued by the Statement of the ROCA Council of Bishops in May 10\23, 2012, is sufficient.

In the second half of September, 2012, Archbishop Sofroniy visited the small Orthodox community in Augsburg, Germany.  Photos:

Construction continues on the St. John Maximovitch church in Dneprodzerzhinsk, Ukraine.

A discussion by Archpriest Lev Lebedev.

A short film on the Resurrection Monastery in Moldova.

20 SEP 12 - Protodeacon Job Chemerov, who serves at the St. Sergius of Radonezh Church in Valley Cottage, NY, remains in critical but stable condition after falling almost 8 meters at a construction site.  Fr. Job reacts to light and movement in the room and can still hear.  When Matushka Anna reads the Akathist every day, Fr. Job relaxes and the levels of the monitors fall to normal.  Matushka Anna and their family ask that everyone please continue to pray for Protodeacon Job!
01 JUL 12. On July 1, representatives of the MP seized our Holy Protection Church in Malin in the Zhitomir oblast. The parish rector, Archpriest Vasiliy Demchenko, was assaulted during the incident.  The parishioners have fought for ten years for rights to the church, and all court rulings, including one from the upper court, were in their favor. Despite this, the Zhitomir oblast authorities refuse to amend the parish by laws.  The seizure of the church (the eighth occurrence) took place after the faithful sued the local administration.  At the moment, the church is occupied by 15 representatives of the MP and surrounded by militia men.  A bus full of "supporters" is on its way from Kiev to help the occupiers.  We ask for the prayers of everyone who is not indifferent to true Orthodoxy.

June 4, 2012 - On the Day of the Holy Spirit, mitred Archpriest Gregory Kotlaroff celebrated 30 years of pastoral service.  Archbishop Andronik (Kotlaroff) and Protodeacon Job Chemerev served together with him on that day.  After the Liturgy,  Archbishop Andronik presented Fr. Gregory with a gift of a decorated cross once belonging to the departed Hegumen Methodius of Jerusalem.  The photograph shows Fr. Gregory with his altar attendant grandson, 2-yr. old Gregory Kotlaroff.  God grant him many years!!!

04\06\12 - Greek Bishops Pavle and Christodoulos visited the Holy Trinity Church in Astoria, NY, USA, along with several of their clerics on Trinity Sunday to congratulate the parish on their patronal feast.

03\06\12 - A photo of Fr. Andrei Erastov, Protodeacon Fr. Vasiliy Yakimov and parishioners of the Holy Martyrs of Vilnius church in Melbourne, Australia, after a recent service.

And at a picnic.

27\05\12 - On this day, the St. Nicholas Convent in Cleveland, NY, USA, celebrated their patronal feast (Mother Agapia is the abbess).  Guests included Fr. Vsevolod Dutikow and several of his parishioners and Fr. Nicholas Chernyavsky from the Holy Ascension parish in Rochester, NY.  Photos can be viewed here:

27\05\12 - Hieromonk Hilarion at the house church of the Prophet St. Elijah in Pavolgrad, Ukraine, tonsured Nikolay Ivanovich Petrenko with the name Nikolay and a mantiya.

27\05\12 - An open letter from the Parish Council of the Holy Ascension Church in Falls Church, Virginia, USA.

Photos from the meeting of the ROCA Council of Bishops can be viewed at the St. Petersburg diocese website -

27\05\12 - Fr. Valeriy Leonichev visited the Holy Dormition church in Samara, RF, where he served Divine Liturgy and performed a baptism.

  The Bishops' Council of the ROCA will be held at the Theophany Monastery outside of St. Petersburg on May 22-25, 2012.

  A video report on the fourth arson attempt on the Ascension Church in Barnaul.
The Right Reverend Kirill, Bishop of Voronezh and Southern Russia, visited the Great Martyr Panteleimon parish in the village of Yegorlyk in the Rostov oblast.  (Fr. Sergey Televinov is the rector of the parish.)

  On Pascha night, an attempt to disrupt the services by a group of about ten drunken young males occurred at the Holy New Martyrs and Confessors of Russia parish in Moscow.  (Fr. Valeriy Leonichev is the rector of the parish.)  The parishioners were able to stop them from entering the church and lock the doors.  The group of males then began to hurl anything they could find at the doors and the building, including stones, bottles, etc., and began shouting, "This is a sect, this is a sect.  Attack them!"  The local police were summoned, but were slow to arrive.  The group of males began to disperse when they heard the police, but several of them were detained.  They were released shortly afterward.

   25.04.12.On the night of April 24 and 25 attackers here for the fourth time this year trying to set fire to the Ascension Church in Barnaul. Click here for details

  20\04\12 - Oleg Mikhaylovich Rodzianko filed a legal claim to stop the transfer of the Protection parish in Nyack, USA) to the Moscow Patriarchia.  Details here.
 15\04\12 - The beginning of the midnight office at the Cathedral of Archangel Michael in Odessa (Ukraine).

 15\04\12 - Fr. Georgiy Storozhitskiy blesses kulichs and eggs at the Kazan Mother of God parish in Makarovo, Ukraine.

  Paschal epistles from Metropolitan Agafangel and other bishops of our Church:
 06\04\12 - A new publication is available, "My First History of Religion."  Written for children by Fr. P.N. Vozdvishenskiy, originally published in 1899, with many illustrations. Each copy has a cost of $9.00 and can be ordered by writing to
 02\04\12 - The ROCA Western-European Diocese Chancery has published an appeal for donations for the Synod residence, available here.
 01\04\12 - During the fifth week of Great Lent, the Right Reverend Afanasiy, Bishop of Vologodsk and Velikoustyuzhsk, served at the Kazan and Fedorov Mother of God Icon parish in the Kostroma region.  Clergy and faithful from surrounding parishes also attended.  A lunch for all was served after the service.  Bishop Afanasiy spoke with the director of the Cossack Cadet Academy, A.M. Starshikh, about funding the upcoming Cossack summer camp.  A division for females is planned for this year.

 30\03\12 - "On the day, one year later, when we sent our appeal to Patriarch Kirill, after which our lives changed drastically, we would like to address our friends who have stayed in the sergianist Moscow Patriarchia."  An open letter from the Izhevsk priests.

 As a result of efforts by Hegumen John Smelic, about 8 acres have been purchased two hours away from Melbourne, Australia.  It will serve as the home of the Annunciation monastery.  Fr. John asks for everyone's support in this endeavor.

The Lenten Retreat and Diocesan Conference of the Kishinev and Bolgrad Diocese was held on March 27-28, 2012, at the Church of St. Ignatius, Bishop of Caucuses, in the city of Chadyr-Lunga (Moldova).  Photographs can be see here:

Clergy of the Voronezh region held their Lenten Retreat on March 24-25, 2012.  The ruling bishop, Bishop Kirill, officiated at the Divine Liturgy on Sunday along with Bishop Iriney.

The parishioners of the Protection parish in Malin, Ukraine, amended their by laws ten years ago to declare themselves a part of ROCA and not MP.  In all that time, Ukrainian authorities have rejected the registration of their new by laws.  They have now appealed to S. Ryzhiy, the head of the Zhitomir oblast government.
The Odessa Diocese held its Lenten Retreat and diocesan conference on March 13-14, 2012. 

The Library section of the website now includes a litia issued by the ROCA which can also be used during Great Lent.
The Odessa Diocese will hold its Lenten Retreat and diocesan conference on March 13-14, 2012.
Issue #3 of "The Russian Zoar" (the final issue for 2011) is now available.  It can be ordered by sending an email to  The cost per issue is $2.00.

During Cheesefare week, the parishioners of the St. Vladimir Church in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, along with their rector, Fr. Andrew Kencis, traveled to Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, to visit Fr. Elias Warnke and to venerate the myrrh-streaming icon of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker which resides with Fr. Elias.  All the pilgrims witnessed the great abundance of myrrh being issued from the icon.  A report in English of their trip along with photos of the icon are available here.

 125\02\12 - Hieromonk Ilya (Sheptitskiy) is forbidden to serve.
 23\02\12 - A criminal case has been opened regarding the attempted arson of the church in Barnaul. More details here.

 15\02\12 - On the feast day of the Meeting of Our Lord, two cupolas were installed on the St. John of Shanghai Church under construction in Dneprodzerzhinsk, Ukraine.


The 40th anniversary of priestly service of the Right Reverend Gregory, Bishop of Sao Paulo and South America, was celebrated at the parish in Sao Paulo.  Photos can be viewed here.
 The Winter Session of the Sts. Cyrill-Methodius seminary was held on January 30 - February 10 in Odessa.
 05\02\12 - The Most Reverend Metropolitan Agafangel and Right Reverend Georgiy, Bishop of Kishinev and Moldova, celebrated the feast day of the Holy New Martyrs and Confessors of Russia at the Archangel Michael Cathedral in Odessa together with Fr. Vitaliy Morozov, Fr. Aleksandr Lipin, Fr. Georgiy Storozhitskiy, Fr. Aleksey Rozhkov and Hierodeacon Theophan (Lipin).

 02\02\12 - A French court has decided to return the Archangel Michael Church in Cannes to the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad under the omophor of Met. Agafangel.

 29\01\12 - Fr. Valeriy Leonichev served Vigil and Divine Liturgy at the Holy Martyr Tsar Nicholas II Church in Nerekht in the Kostroma region.

 28\01\12 - Vladimir Molchanov, a long-standing parishioner at the Holy Trinity Church in Astoria, NY, has passed away.  Eternal Memory!
 22\01\12 - The Right Reverend Bishop Kirill ordained Deacon Pavel Volkov during Divine Liturgy  at the All-Russian Saints Church in Voronezh.

The feast of the Nativity of Christ at the Holy Trinity Church in Astoria, NY - photos, video.

Greetings on the Nativity of Christ from the Church of the Holy Martyrs of Vilnius, Melbourne, Australia. (Rector - Hegumen Andrew Erastov)

The feast of the Nativity of Christ in the Holy Ascension church in Barnaul (RF).

The Holy Ascension church and its rector Fr. Georgiy Titov sorely need the financial assistance of all of us.  Donations can be sent to the ROCA Assistance Fund, PO Box 7119, Falls Church, VA  22040; email -  More information can be obtained by writing to
Nativity Epistle of the Most Reverend Agafangel, ROCA First Hierarch.
Nativity Epistle of the Right Reverend Sofroniy, Archbishop of St. Petersburg and Northern Russia.
Nativity Epistle of the Right Reverend Georgiy, Bishop of Kishinev and Moldova.
Nativity Epistle of the Right Reverend Afanasiy, Bishop of Vologodsk and Velikoustyuzhsk.
Nativity Epistle of the Right Reverend Iriney, Bishop of Lyon and Western Europe.
A message from Archpriest Sergey Kondakov, Archpriest Mikhail Karpeev and Fr. Aleksandr Malykh on the occasion of the Nativity of Christ.

  08\01\12 - A Nativity celebration was held at the Church of the Kazan Mother of God Icon in Makarov, Ukraine, after the Divine Liturgy.  The children prepared Nativity readings and singing and were later given gifts and treated to a puppet show.

  07\01\12 - The evening Nativity service in the temporary Holy Martyr Tsar Nicholas church in Zavyalov - photos.

   06\01\12 - Two icon stands of oak were set up on the eve of Nativity in the Archangel Michael cathedral in Odessa.

  On the evening of January 6, 2012, a fire was set in the Ascension church of the Ishim-Siberian diocese of the ROCA.  The rector and clergy left the church on January 5 at 2100 and returned at 0630 the next day to find the entrance to the church broken into and a fire in one of the sections.  The rector believes it was deliberate.  Nevertheless, services were held. See more info on the site of the parish.

  05\01\12 - The youth winter camp session of the Cossack Cadet Corps was held in the RF.  The Right Reverend Afanasiy, Bishop of Vologodsk and Velikoustyuzhsk, blessed the water on the first day and blessed all the attendees.

  A jamboree of young scouts was held January 2-4, 2012, at the Holy Martyr Tsar Nicholas church in Zavyalov (Udmurtia, RF).  Each day began and ended with a prayer service.  The counselors taught classes in the Law of God along with the history of the Church and Russia.  Sports sessions were conducted and included wrestling, boxing and survival techniques.  Photos from the jamboree can be seen on the parish website.



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